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Christmas Surprises

Everyone loves to receive gifts. This story is about sexual adventures and surprises. Two our heroes meet their wildest sexual fantasies at Christmas: in 1958, and in modern times.

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  • by drakantos

    In the non story section, it’s two men in love with each other.
    In the story section, There’s a man, a woman, and one that looks like a woman. There’s a threesome, then we find out the woman is actually a hermaphrodite, which is why the duchess only seems like a lesbian. If there was more, I might play more of this. do you think you could put in more straight sex from the modern time in this? If so, that would be great. For now, 6/10.

  • by admin

    Thank you for your feedback. Our stories have so few sex scenes just because authors are positioning this as an erotic graphic novel, not as a porn. In this series already has done a few stories, and we hope that future one will not be accepted so cool

  • by Jonny

    Stupid game

  • by hardnipple lover

    Very lame

  • by bitches

    gay game

  • by WTF

    ah…… damx, stupid gay game

  • by Lame

    Total boner killer…

  • by dariaolsen

    wasd part sucks… as usual

  • by needluvn

    Oh that was brutal

  • by Anonymous

    dumbass game

  • by beaver

    these games are getting worse

  • by nobody

    Gay stuffs, trannies, dogs and farts make me so horny. Also i really doubt that he drew the cartoon

  • by IrenneBaby

    I dunno, I liked that game, was funny. Didnt like the wasd parts but it was still good. Hilarious surprise at the end.

  • by Anonymous

    I hate guitar hero

  • by Morton

    Game’s quality is getting worse, and the proof is this fucking bullshit game!

  • by Macster_man1976


  • by GAAAAY

    this is gay, I think this is gross. Couldn’t you guys put that in a desc. or something? I have nothing agains homosexuals, but I think the idea of homo-sex is gross.

  • by sexynakedlisa

    That was a pretty boring and dumb game :(

  • by Wantmore

    Is this story end here or is there more to it as well?
    If there is a graphic novel related to it, can you please give us a link to it
    This game is awesome
    Love it

  • by Ben

    I loved the drawing in this. I would like to buy the graphic novel, who’s the author name? Thank you.

  • by Ben

    Okay, I found it. For people who wants to know it’s Ignacio Noe’s work. I haven’t found the title of this graphic novel yet, tho.

  • by admin

    Ben, it’s “Exhibition”

  • by OzoneGhost

    Another great flash by the very talented mr Blazkun. However this one could have been a bit better I didn’t really enjoy the music on this one but nonetheless another great animation keep em comming NG needs more of this. 10/10

  • by alan chavez

    wow nies ass

  • by Wesker


  • by MARIO


  • by whisker

    i don’t understand..can u juz let it as a movie…so i juz can see it

  • by Anonymous

    it ******** me

  • by corrie ak aliau

    I don like sex anymore again what the fuck! fuck you! yo no! hahahahahahaahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!

  • by jordan

    this motherfuckin game is baddddddd shit

  • by boobs

    this games ok

  • by Anon

    who is the artist?

  • by by muxiaoyi


  • by Germanman

    Super gemacht und mit einem tollen Comic verbunden. Ignacio hätte vermutlich seinen Spaß daran… COOL.

  • by sex100

    this is a shity game

  • by ???

    Fucking queer’s should be put to death fucking Faggots…… Thanks for wasting my time you sick, stupid Cunt…. Fucking FAGGOT !

  • by haly

    What a lame game!!!

  • by Richard Riga

    Ça me fait rire, les commentaires des mecs qui ne supportent pas l’intro gay !
    Attention, ça risque de vous influencer !
    Le dessin est magnifique (j’adore l’univers et le dessin de Noé, c’est lui n’est-ce pas ?), l’animation est marrante, bref, un bon moment… Continuez ainsi !

  • by Anonymous

    Its stupid how u cant join them cause that looks sexy

  • by Corina

    I’d like to find out more? I’d love to find out some additional information.

  • by scott

    love the art,, but the wasd thing kinda sucks

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