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Jump, Bunny!

Look at this whore: she dressed up in horny bunny costume for the next client, who would be fuck her hard in young elastic ass.

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  • by Blackhorseman

    1 – Concept

    This game’s concept is not bad. I like it. The animation is not the best i’ve seen for an adult game, but still I like the HQ style. Besides, most games have a graphic aproach at some point.

    2 – Playing skills

    They suck. Badly. If you are to finish the game you have to pay attention to the buttons you have to press – and it means you ain’t seeing no girl. Besides the challenge is a little dull.

    3 – Argument

    The game has a cathline in the beggining and a punchline in the end – both acceptable, but that doesn’t make up to a proper script.

    4 – Flagging Porn

    This forum has an adult section. In my opinion, at least, it fits the place greatly – moreso, adult gamers MUST be tired of dating SIMS. The genre is cool, but it’s over, god willing.

    5 – Overall

    I think the site has a place for this game and that it should stay. I also think the game has some good points, but that it still lacks development and attention, but that it is still above average (6 out of 10).

  • by Tasuba

    I would say this can be better since the music doesn’t entirely sync up to the notes coming which kinda offsets you.

  • by Fullfist

    if you make a game played by keyboard, then make ALL MENUS operate by keyboard.

    in this case the arrows. also you could make it so that every correct press reveals one chunk of animation.

    and you could give us an option to play with WSAD
    the artwork is great 8/10. i like the animation, it’s minimalistic but it works and looks nice.
    you should do more story panels in between with more dirty talk

  • by Sreith

    at least make it so 3 lives mean 3 lives and not 2.

  • by OzoneGhost

    I really enjoyed this it was very good sir not much I can critisize on , I’m looking forward to your future flash projects. 10/10

  • by shin

    that is sexy

  • by gabriella moura

    deus me livre que jogo de satanais

  • by IndigoWraithe

    This is one of the more interesting Adult games, the art is great and very sensual, and it isn’t the standard Q&A type that seem overabundant here on NG. However, this game loses many points by penalizing the player for both pressing the wrong button and missing the right button. So if you are supposed to press UP but instead press LEFT, you almost always lose two hearts, and if you try to recover and press UP at the last second, you will likely screw up the next move and lose another two hearts. Instead, you should script it so that once you press a button, that move is blacked out and you can’t screw it up multiple times. Also, most games of this kind NEVER start you out with the cursor already on a move, but give you a significant lead time so you can get ready. Just because you know that you are likely to have another button pressing round every other screen doesn’t mean you have time to prepare when you are ON the screen. If you can correct these issues, I think your games will all score much better.

  • by bigdaddyo

    it was good and i liked the whole comic feel to it.

  • by OverDark

    Very Good!

  • by Reaver3

    Too easy for those of us who play guitar hero, maybe make it so the slide speeds up in usage and stuff, or add difficulty levels, cuz i didnt miss a single key, other then that, a great game, but maybe make it longer, and we follow the girl along many clients instead of just the one

  • by anonymous007

    just great. the gameplay is good and the pictures are good as well. in one word: amazing!

  • by cambrofucker guy


  • by Kasuki

    This game, has the potential to be good. but not very interesting, needs more of a basic foundation, well story line..

  • by ass kicker

    game is not so good but not so bad its fine raiting 5 on 10

  • by Anonymous

    The only problem is that after EVERY animation or picture you needed to do that guitar hero thing again. Except that a hot and good game.

  • by sda


  • by nicole

    it hard i don’t lik e guitar hero

  • by Anonymous

    it hard i don’t lik e guitar hero

  • by Anonymous

    I Love The Music In the Backround

  • by rex

    i dont do shit and i am12

  • by sex100

    this stuff fucking stinks

  • by sex100

    this stuff fucking stinks

  • by Deniom543

    What is the name of the music?

  • by SONG NAME

    WHAT’S THE NAME OF THAT SONG!!!!!!and i love this comic it actually has a good story.The name of it is”4 Girlfriends” SONG PLEASE.

  • by xxxpornô

    hum q delícia aql putinha gostosa

  • by beansbags

    Please make a video-only version, or make the game more stable.

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